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NZ immigrants

Motorhome and campervan import assistance for new immigrants to New Zealand


Our service

for new immigrants to

New Zealand


If you deliver your vehicle to Southampton Terminal within a day or so of our requested date we will:-

  • Organise shipping to New Zealand.
  • Arrange marine transit insurance
  • Handle the NZ importation procedure
  • Liase with NZ Customs
  • Gain biosecurity clearance
  • Collect the motorhome from Port of Auckland
  • Complete the on-road compliance procedure
  • Register the vehicle in your name
  • Gain electrical certification
  • Ensure gas compliance for appliances


Then you’re ready to go!


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Castle European Ltd

A New Zealand based private company

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Emigrating to New Zealand?

Own a motorhome or campervan in the UK?

Thinking of buying one to bring to New Zealand?

Let us import it to New Zealand for you!

Depending on the model and it’s age shipping it to New Zealand makes good financial sense. European motorhomes and campervans are held in high esteem in NZ and the local market values them highly. Together with tax concessions usually available to new permanent residents the value of your motorhome when on the road in New Zealand makes the cost of shipping and on-road compliance well worthwhile. You’ll land your motorhome here at a significantly lower cost than buying the equivalent model on the local market. We offer a complete service from Southampton onwards, organising the shipping, customs procedures, Ministry of Agriculture cleaning on arrival, collection from the Port of Auckland and completion of the on-road compliance procedure, handing you the keys to your vehicle when it’s on the road, registered and ready to use. We can also complete the electrical, gas and NZ Self Containment certification. You’re then ready to explore your new country! Many of our previous clients have spent several months in their motorhomes touring New Zealand and choosing their ideal place to settle. We’ll minimise the processing time so that there is the shortest possible delay between your arrival and being able to use your motorhome.

If you want to import a motorhome to New Zealand contact us.

We’ll ensure you enjoy the maximum tax concessions available to you and have you on the road much more quickly than if you try to do it yourself. Don’t get bogged down with months of unnecessary paperwork and delays. Leave it to us. We understand the system here and can minimise your costs (and your stress!) by doing it the right way the first time.

The first step to importing a motorhome or campervan into New Zealand is to ensure that you’re bringing one that will meet the on-road compliance requirements here. Bringing a vehicle which doesn’t meet the Land Transport Agency requirements would be financially catastrophic as it wouldn’t be allowed on the road. You will have paid shipping, insurance and possibly tax for a vehicle which can’t be registered. We’ll advise on individual vehicle suitability before any decision is made to ship and if you’re making a new purchase for export to New Zealand we’ll advise on suitable models.

If you’re emigrating to New Zealand and you already own a motorhome or campervan you may be able to import it into NZ tax free. If you don’t presently own one in the UK but would like to ship a motorhome or campervan to New Zealand, or think that travel by motorhome or campervan would be a great way to discover New Zealand when you first arrive, we can help you source one in the UK tax free for export.

It may be possible for someone with a permanent residency permit to completely avoid both duty (10%) and GST (Goods and Services Tax 15%) when importing to New Zealand. Again we’ll advise on the tax situation for your particular circumstances if you’re a new immigrant with New Zealand permanent resident status.

We have many satisfied customers and can offer references from these on request.

Contact us to discuss options and conditions applying to this.

Castle European

Helping New Zealand immigrants achieve the lifestyle they want.

Emigration is a big step – let us help you to get it right.


Some models are no longer suitable for import  to NZ as they don’t meet compliance requirements. They should not be shipped to New Zealand. Shipping one of these to NZ would be financially catastrophic.

In mid 2010 the NZ regulations regarding emission standards were relaxed for new immigrants who wished to import a vehicle which they had owned for more than twelve months. This now makes it possible to import an older vehicle than previously but there are many rules around this and not everyone qualifies for a concession. Be careful!

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For an obligation-free appraisal to see if it’s worthwhile shipping your motorhome or campervan to New Zealand when you emigrate please contact us.

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